This aim and objective of the committee is to provide the students an easy, prompt and accessible mechanism for disposal of their college related grievances.

Grievances that will be considered
  • Only college related grievances of students will be considered.
  • The committee will consider only individual complaints of students and not collective complaints raised collectively by more than student.
  • The committee will not take grievances related to faculty or non-teaching staff.
  • The committee will not consider student grievances related to sexual harassment (taken by ICC) or related to ragging (taken care by anti-ragging committee).
Different stages for Redressal of grievances are:
  • First stage (Teacher/Department level):
    The aggrieved student represents his/her grievance either in person or in writing to the concerned teacher or TIC in the dept.
  • Second stage (Committee level):
    If the student is not satisfied by the reply given by the teacher/TIC, she may request the teacher/TIC to forward her grievance to the committee. The committee after due deliberations will give a written reply to the student.
  • Third stage (Principal):
    If the student is not satisfied with the reply given by the Grievance Committee, then she can represent the matter to the principal.

Please Note: The student can also directly approach either the grievance committee or principal without going through the teacher/department.

Procedure to be followed:
  • The Grievance Committee will meet as and when required depending on grievances received. The Grievance Redressal Committee shall consider all relevant grievances submitted in writing.
  • Minimum of 3 members out of 4 members of the Grievance Committee shall be present in a meeting.
  • The members shall study the application and after looking into the relevant documents submit its recommendations and report to the principal as soon as possible within max 15 days of the date of application. In case of any difficulties, the Grievance Committee shall have discussion with the principal before a decision is taken.
  • The final settlement of any grievance shall be made within a reasonable period (normally not exceeding one month) by the principal after the recommendations are submitted to her by the Grievance Redressal Committee.
  • If a member of the Grievance Committee has a connection with the grievance of the aggrieved individual, the concerned member of the Grievance Committee shall not participate in the deliberations regarding that individual's case.
  • If the aggrieved person has a personal relationship with the member of the Grievance Committee, then he/she shall not participate in the deliberations as a member of the Committee when her representation is being considered.

Any faculty member of the respective staff council committee.

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