Counselling & Mentoring

The Mentoring Committee comprises Dr. Arpana Beniwal (Convenor), Dr. Shivantika Sharad and Dr. Shivani Dubey. With the objective of facilitating students' growth and authentic development, the committee aims at helping teacher mentors to establish a trusting and responsible relationship with their student mentees. A format for mentoring reports to be submitted by each Department at the end of each semester is also being created and shall be circulated via Google forms.

  • With this objective in mind, an interactive discussion on mentoring was held on 16th April 2021 via the online medium. The webinar was exclusively for Faculty members and the speaker was Dr. Poonam Phogat, Assistant Professor Gargi College, University of Delhi.

The counselling Committee comprises Dr. Arpana Beniwal, Dr.Salma Seth and Dr. Kamini Taneja.