SOL Study Centre as a ‘Learner Support Centre’

Vivekananda College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi which has been providing PCP (Personal Contact Programme Classes) for the students of School of Open learning (SOL), University of Delhi since 2012 on Sundays and holidays. Classes are held on such days so that classes of regular students that run from Monday to Saturday are not affected. A MoU is signed to run the Study Centre of SOL for a period of two years which is renewed accordingly. From this year onwards, the nomenclature has been changed to 'Learner Support Centre' aimed at conducting the Academic Counselling Sessions (PCP Classes) for SOL Students. The college provides an infrastructure of approx. 15 rooms with a seating capacity of 80-100 students in each room for smooth functioning of classes scheduled as per the timetables provided by SOL. These classes are held from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Facilities include clean washrooms, clean drinking water, a vibrant canteen that serves hygienically prepared food items, sufficient furniture, electricity, notice boards, internet facility with wi-fi connection. Faculty members from the college volunteer to be the Co-ordinator and Assistant Coordinator, usually for a term of two years. Approx. 15-20 teachers are appointed as guest faculty for taking classes as per the guidelines of SOL, and 12-15 non-teaching staff members along with 2 staff members of SOL are appointed for the purpose of facilitating students and teachers. Approx. 2000 students are allotted by SOL to the Vivekananda College Centre for classes. The attendance record of the students for each class is maintained through a Mobile App provided by SOL and forwarded to the SOL directly on the same day.

Thus, the college plays an important role in providing higher education to the students in the distant mode of learning. The college also conducts examinations as per the guidelines issued by the SOL, DU with approx. 500 students in each session from time to time. By providing the college premises for SOL, the college aims to maximise the utilisation of available space to benefit as many students as possible, thus supporting the noble initiative of the University of Delhi's outreach to those students who are unable to join higher studies in the regular mode.

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