Faculty & their Profile
S.No Name Link
1 Ms. Rupalee Verma View
2 Dr. Yuthika Mishra View
3 Dr. Swati R. Choudhary View
4 Ms. Gopika Bhandari View
5 Dr. Sandhya Sharma (TIC) View
6 Dr. Shahnaz Begum (Ad-Hoc) View
7 Dr. Raman Kumar Singh (Ad-Hoc) View
8 Mr. Tulsi Chouhan (Ad-Hoc) View
Courses Offered
  • B.A.(Hons.) History
  • B.A.(Prog.) Discipline in History
  • Generic Elective to Hons. Courses & Prog. Courses
  • Skill Enhancement Courses to B.A.(Hons.) History & B.A.(Prog.)