Equal Opportunity Cell

The Equal Opportunity Cell addresses the ongoing challenges affecting staff and students of Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe, Other Backward Caste, minorities, and People with Disability (PWDs). Helping and empowering these students to fully participate in the academic, intellectual, social, and cultural life of the college on an equal basis is the main goal of the Equal Opportunity Cell.

Aims and Objectives
  • ​​Advance diversity and inclusiveness on campus and give underprivileged groups enough chances.
  • Guarantee barrier-free access to all college, department, library, hostel, and office buildings.
  • Meet the needs of PWDs in all categories, including visual, hearing, orthopaedic, neurological, etc., by offering counselling for psychological support.
  • Investigate every avenue by which the PWD, OBC, and minority communities could be assisted.
  • Make sure that the University does not discriminate against people with disabilities or members of underrepresented groups.